Master Vanderpool began training in December 1981 at The Ravenna Martial Arts Academy under Mr. Jim Collins, a 2nd Dan student of Grand Master Tong Choo Choi.  Shortly after achieving 1st Dan in April of 1985, Master Vanderpool and Master George Harjung took over instructing at The Ravenna Martial Arts Academy under direct supervision of Grand Master Choi. After over twenty-five years of teaching in northeast Ohio, Master Vanderpool has moved to the Pooler Georgia area because of an employment opportunity and brings with him a passion to teach and practice the martial arts. 

"I teach for the love of the art, not to make a living. My goal is not to develop one champion or ultimate fighter, my goal is to help every man, woman or child that comes through my door to  improve their lives in some fashion through the martial arts."
Achieved 1st Dan in 1985
Achieved 2nd Dan in1987
Achieved 3rd Dan in 1990
Achieved 4th Dan in 1995
Achieved 5th Dan Master in 1999
Achieved 6th Dan Master in 2005

Black Belts Instructed By Master Vanderpool and Master Harjung
Mrs. Rebecca Nowak - 6th Dan*
Mr. Mitchell Smith - 5th Dan*
Mrs. Donna Darrah - 5th Dan*
Mr. Josh Edwards - 2nd Dan
Mr. Tim Roen - 2nd Dan*
Ms. Joyce Cheuvront - 2nd Dan*
Mr. Dan Dobrilovic - 1st Dan
Mr. Darren Burrows - 1st Dan
Miss Ann Langston - 1st Dan
Mr. Larry Langston - 1st Dan
Mr. Brandon Burns - 1st Dan

Mr. Stephen Vanderpool - 1st Dan
Mr. Mitchell Edwards - 1st Dan

Miss Jillian Faitz - 1st Dan
Mr. John Carson - 1st Dan
Mr. Charles Doolittle - 1st Dan
Mr. Rich King - 1st Dan
Ms. Barbara Yeager - 1st Dan*
Mr. Andrew Poland - 1st Dan
Mr. Bill Bouck - 1st Dan* - Pooler, Ga
* Currently active