Left to right: Master Wally McCray, Master George Harjung, Grand Master Michael Utz, Grand Master Tong Choo Choi, Grand Master Bryon Little, Master Michael Vanderpool, Master Eugene Choi, Master Dan Parker.
Not Pictured: Grand Master Robert Goulish, Master Rebecca Nowack and Master Steve Morris

Grand Master Tong Cho Choi (center),Master Harjung (left), Master Vanderpool (right) 6th Dan Test, December 3, 2005
Master Rebecca Nowak - 5th Dan

Mrs. Nowak has been with Ravenna Martial Arts Academy since 1987 and achieved her 1st Dan Black Belt in 1990

Not only is Mrs. Nowak one of the most longstanding students of RMAA but she is also has the honor of being the highest ranked female student and the first female master in Grandmaster Choi's system.

Mrs. Nowak fills in for Master Harjung on occasion and has taken Master Vanderpool's place teaching at RMAA. She is one of the most giving and selfless people you will ever meet.

Master Donna Darrah - 5th Dan
Master Mitchell Smith - 5th Dan